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Welcome and thank you for finding us! We are one of the most popular wine tour companies in the entire country and tourists from around the globe join our fabulous tours each week!  Our fun and lively public bus headed for Hudson Valley Wine Country departs many weekends from Midtown Manhattan & the Hudson Valley. (see calendar for dates) For private parties we run all (4) seasons and cover the entire tri-state area, including New York City, Westchester, Rockland, New Jersey & Connecticut and all counties. 
You’ve found one of the best things to do in New York and the entire region all year round!  During the Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter, the Little Wine Bus provides fun, creative and educational wine tours, beer tours, distillery tours, adventure tours, dinners and more for bachelorette/bachelor/birthday parties, private, showers, rehearsal dinners, corporate events and more or for any occasion.  Take a New York wine tour with us, and it will truly be a memorable experience and journey for all who join us on one of our great adventures! Check out our fanpage on Facebook and see it all!


Offering tours of (3) cool Hudson Valley breweries, distilleries, hops farms and more along scenic and historic Hudson Valley Beer Trail.  You can even mix them up in one day.  Visit a few of the finest breweries in New York while riding our popular tour buses, limousines, town cars and more. Perfect for private parties, corporate events, and more! See more details at: The Little Beer Bus or The  Hudson Valley Beer Trail.

We are Certified Travel Agents, Certified Meeting Professionals and knowledgeable wine aficionados and work with many of the regions Culinary Chefs who studied and graduated from The Culinary Institute Of America, so we have the resources, knowledge and skills to accomplish your perfect tour, party or event!  On this site you’ll find information about our tours, activities, culinary food, cakes, winery facilities, party planning, and transportation, along with descriptions of our super fun tours and events.  We hope you will find all of the information you are looking for about The Little Wine Bus.

Premiere Hudson Valley Wine or Beer Adventure Tours:

We also have a variety of Adventure Wine Tours available with licensed and experienced tour guides. Start your morning off with a fabulous adventure tour such as Hike and Wine, Kayak around a historic castle & Wine, Ziplining & Wine, Cruise & Wine, Mansions, Castles & Wine, Ski & Wine, Bike & Wine, Mountain Meditation & Wine, & Hudson River Yoga & Wine and more. These fun activities start early in the am and after a short ride, you are finally relaxing having lunch and sipping a fine wine in a winery with breathtaking views or having a cold beer at a cool local brewery overlooking the historic Hudson River. If you have other ideas, let us know, and we’ll create a custom wine tour for you!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE! The Hudson Valley Wines and beers are high in alcohol content and the roads between the wineries are windy and dangerous. Call us and let The Little Wine Bus or The Little Beer Bus drive for you and your friends and/or party. Have fun while being safe on your Hudson Valley Wine Tour along the Hudson Valley Wine Trail.

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Bachelorette Wine Tours
Grab your girls and slip aboard the Bachelorette Wine Tour.  Reminisce about the old days, and the new days to come, while savoring the best Hudson Valley Wines.

[button link=”http://www.hudsonvalleywinecountry.com/wine-tours/bachelorette-wine-tour/” color=”red”] Learn More[/button]

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Birthday Events
For the most memorable birthday, bring friends and savor wine and birthday cake in a vineyard’s cellar.  We will arrange every detail of your Birthday Wine Tour.

[button link=”http://www.hudsonvalleywinecountry.com/wine-tours/birthday-wine-tour/” color=”red”] Learn More[/button]

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Corporate Tours
Join the growing ranks of global corporations who have taken wine tours of the Hudson Valley with us.  Team meetings, executive retreats, team building, recognition outings.

[button link=”http://www.hudsonvalleywinecountry.com/corporate-events/” color=”red”] Learn More[/button]

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About The Little Wine Bus
We are the tourism arm of The Little Wine Bus.  Our goal is to encourage exploration of the Hudson Valley, it’s vineyards, restaurants, locally-owned inns, and more.

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